Forged in 84

Welcome to the start of the journey.

In the Marines we call 4 person groups "Fire Teams." They are the base of movement for all action.

You are joining a team to navigate the program together, there is strength in numbers. There is accountability. Your team leader and the other members are their to encourage and support you. You've got to have their back too. 

Forged in 84 is more than just a training platform, it's your Fire Team working to develop skills, build good habits, and hold each other accountable.

Join your team here.

Once you create an account log in an load your address (it will pop up the first login) so we can mail you the Forged jorunal. Watch the orientation modules to get familiar with the site and check in with your team leader for your start date.

Get your books ordered right away so there are no delays crossing the line of departure together.

Your program starts on Monday, any Monday. The Forged program is 84 days or if you like 12 weeks.

It's a grind of small daily actions to bring out your best habits and real focused growth.

You're in a Fire Team for a reason. Stay accountable to each other, work together, share together.

Groups that stick together finish, grow, and succeed. Can you do it?