Forged In 84

Congratulations on making the decision to lead a team.

In the Marines we call 4 person groups "Fire Teams." They are the base of movement for all actions on the battlefield, they stay close, protect each other, and win together.

Forged in 84 is more than just a training platform, it's your Fire Team working together to develop skills, build good habits, and enforce accountability. 

After you sign up login and order your planner. Then watch the orientation modules and the special "Team Leader" modules, that only you can see, but don't start the program until your team is ready and your planners have arrived.

The first time you login we need your shipping address so we can send out your book. Do this right away so you can start right away. 

Your program starts on Monday, any Monday. Forged is 84 days long, 12 weeks, or 3 months.

It's a grind of small daily actions to bring out your best habits and real focused growth.

You're leading a Fire Team tests your different leadership styles, practices motivating and directing a teams in real time. Use your team to refine your leadership style and guide others through a real improvement process. Keep them accountable to each other, working together, and sharing together. 

Groups that bond finish, grow, and succeed. Can you do it?